What can you expect living at Fountain Place?


24 Hour a day staff on duty.

No matter the time, we have staff on duty to assit.


3 Meals a day.

We provide three warm home cooked meals a day for our residents, served with a smile by our friendly staff.


Housekeeping on a monthly and weekly basis.

You can expect housekeeping to come by weekly for light work, and once a month to take care of any larger jobs.


Free to leave access.

If you would like to run any errand, or would simply like to get out of the house, you can come and go as you please with complete freedom.


Quick access to medical treatment.

In case of an emergency, we are situated close to a fire department , an emergency room, and a medical helipad. And for veterans, living here will make you eligible for the VCP (Veterans Choice Program).


Church services.

Fountain Place is located near many churches, so you can find the congregation best for you.


Local activities.

In the nearby areas, there are mulimult walking trails, two golf courses, seven lakes, and two rivers, as well as a TV room and a reading room on site.